The guide of your next trip
You do not know where to go on vacation. Discover the pleasant countries to visit for each month of the year.

You have already chosen where you want to go. Capevale tells you the best times to go there and the weather conditions (temperatures and rainfall) month by month to avoid travelling during the rainy season, when the temperatures are too high or when the climate is cold.
Where to go
Discover the pleasant countries to visit month by month.
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When to go
The Capevale travel guide tells you the
best times to visit each country.
South Africa - Morocco - Kenya - Tunisia - Egypt - Sngal - Namibia - Other countries...
United States - Canada - Argentina - Brazil - Guadeloupe - Cuba - Martinique - Other countries...
Japan - India - China - Israel - Jordan - Nepal - Thailand - Indonesia - Singapore - Other countries...
Italy - Spain - Slovakia - Croatia - Malta - Scotland - Portugal - Switzerland - Other countries...
Australia - New Zealand - French Polynesia - Hawaii - New Caledonia - Other countries...
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